Tsukiji Fish Market

The Year 5s and 6s have been learning about the Tsukiji fish market, one of the largest wholesale fish markets in the world, located right in the heart of Tokyo. Look at the youtube video and check out the animoto of the great facts they’ve been including in their posters.


Prep A celebrates Hinamatsuri (ひなまつり) Dolls Festival in Japan

Konnichi wa minasan,

The 3rd of March represents a very special day in Japan – the day that families celebrate the health and future happiness
of their girls. Throughout Japan special displays of the Emperor and Empress and servants are shown and many girls have afternoon tea parties with their friends. Prep classes have this week made origami emperors and empresses to take home and share with their families. Also watch the video about this traditional custom.

Year 1s @ Japanese club

Minasan Konnichi wa,

Some genki Year 1 students had lots of fun at Japanese Club today making some spinning origami decoration to put on their bikes or scooters. Looking forward to many more fun times and creative activities with our LOTE leaders Jess and Iris as the year progresses.

Sayounara, Nickeas Sensei.

New PPAP song

Piko-taro, he of Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen fame, has come out with a new song.
Here’s the Japanese he uses – check it out!
Nickeas Sensei

Kurai = Dark

Akarui = Bright/Dazzling!

Ton ton = Same/Even

Japanese Club loves ‘Sushi Go!’

Our Year 6 leaders – Jessica and Iris – had fun playing the ‘Sushi Go’ card game at Japanese Club last week.
It plays like a sushi train at a restaurant and everyone has to take dishes and pass their cards on until there are no cards left and players have their meal – which scores points each round. It’s lots of fun and well worth playing for all the family!

A great start to 2017 – みなさんよくできました!

Minasan konnichi wa,

We have made a great start to 2017 in the LOTE classroom at MMPS.  This year we will be using a Language Framework where you will notice Mt Fuji on one of our display boards. The letters of ‘FUJI’ will guide our students to reflect on their learning – ‘F’ for Function, ‘U’ for Understanding, ‘J’ for Japan and ‘I’ for Interaction. As students and teacher, we can think about the function and purpose of language and how we understand using speaking, listening, reading, writing and interpreting body language. We can investigate the language, culture and geography of Japan as well as thinking of how interaction occurs when we use a language. Many of these connections can be made equally as well as students of English language as well as Japanese or Indonesian. Each class will contribute to the framework and our reflection will help to reinforce goals set at the start of the year.

Japanese Day

Minasan Ohayou,

A great day was had by all on Wednesday Nov 16th for our annual Japanese Day. We saw some great examples of Japanese costumes at our morning assembly, all students got into the spirit of making a variety of arts and crafts and our Undoukai (sports carnival) took place under beautiful skies. This year Aka gumi (Red team) emerged triumphant to snap several years of Shiro (White) domination. Many also enjoyed an oishii (delicious) sushi lunch provided by Ika Sushi in Rosebud. Thanks to all the staff, students and parents who helped make the day lots of fun!

Nickeas Sensei.